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Deysi’s Tacos

Our Mexican eatery, opened in February 2023, Deysi’s Tacos, specializes in authentic Mexican meals from breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and more! Their menu features 70+ menu items that are all made from scratch by the owner, Agustina, and her crew, consisting of Mexican meals, fajitas, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, dessert items, and so much more. Agustina has always desired to open a restaurant after her incredible food become popular at local factories that would order her made-to-order meals for their work day as well through Nappanee Friday Fest events where they brought food to the community! As she is continuing to serve in these ways, she is extremely thankful and feels very blessed by God for the opportunity to also open Deysi’s Tacos officially within Coppes Commons! 

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Deysi’s Tacos have been local to Nappanee to quite some time, participating in the Friday Fest Nappanee events, where they served tacos and other Mexican dishes. They have become well known through this, and have incredible community support through their opening. We are ecstatic to open up another quality restaurant in our establishment. 

For any catering questions, please reach out via email to learn more. For any take-out, please call their shoppe.

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