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Discover the Deep Roots of the Coppes Legacy

Immerse Yourself in History.

Explore the Heritage of Our Restored Building

At the Coppes Legacy Museum you’ll browse our private collection of antique Hoosier cabinets, period kitchen furnishings, and Coppes memorabilia. You’ll also learn about the company’s history, from its beginnings as a sawmill in the 1870’s, to being a leading manufacturer of Hoosier cabinets at the turn of the century, to its continued legacy with the Coppes Napanee kitchens still being crafted today.

Our collection includes dozens of cabinets made on-site and several from other Hoosier cabinet makers in the state, including Sellers, The Hoosier Manufacturing Co., and McDougall. The Coppes Legacy Museum is the perfect place to take a break from shopping by taking a step back in time and exploring the heritage of Coppes Commons.

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Date Your Hoosier Cabinet

Connect Your Cabinet to its Past.

Whether you own a Hoosier cabinet or are simply interested in Coppes history, we will walk you through decades of cabinet craftsmanship and explain the distinctive features and how they changed over time. You’ll learn how to date individual Hoosier cabinets and see what makes each model unique. 

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Explore Our Catalog Archive

Step Back in Time.

Browse this digitized collection of antique cabinet catalogs to see the trends and conveniences valued by past generations. Learn more about Hoosier cabinet models and the furniture that put Coppes on the map as one of the top manufacturers of Hoosier cabinets in the country.

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