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Young People of a "New" Century

Bill Warner
April 25, 2019
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"1900 Young People" is the title of this photo. You be the judge of their age. The almost-bald guy in the 4th row looks older than most of the others. This is another picture from the Nappanee center’s picture collection. We want to be sure to give them credit and a sincere thank you for allowing the use of this photo here at Bill’s History corner. Thanks to the Nappanee Center.

Like the pictures we often use, the people in this picture also has several connections to the Coppes Bros. & Zook and Mutschler Companies. The man in the front row in the dark suit is Albert Mutschler and when this photo was shot, he was the manager of the Nappanee Furniture Company. He would soon become a partner in the Coppes, Zook & Mutschler Co. The lady who is the 4th from the left in the back is Elisabeth Ulery. In 1907 Albert and Elisabeth will be married.

The handsome man on the left in the 4th row is William Rosbrough. Above William’s left shoulder is his sister Nellie. Nellie will marry Harvey Coppes who is sitting in the 2nd row right.

Above William Rosbrough’s right shoulder is Samuel Coppes’s daughter Clara. Clara and William will marry. Check out those puffy sleeves and the mustaches. Do you think the photographer told them not to smile? Wow, what a happy looking group!