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Purchase Premiums with the Dutch Kitchenet

Bill Warner
November 21, 2019
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Hello, Welcome to another edition of Bill’s History Corner. This is the place where we talk about the things we find about the Coppes Companies. We are still going through the treasure trove of company receipts that were saved by some former employees. I wish I could thank those employees in person.

Today we are learning where and who supplied the silverware that was offered as premiums when purchasing a Coppes Kitchenet. The general public that went to any of the Coppes sales stores would receive a prize of some kind. Often it was a measuring cup with the Coppes Kitchenet name embossed in the bottom. Other times it was a hand mixer - something to help the person remember the Coppes name. Newspaper advertising for Coppes Kitchenet sales offered other premiums with a cabinet purchase; sets of dinnerware, silverware, canister sets, steak knives and utensils and even a supply of canned goods.

We have just learned from whom some of the silverware was purchased with these newly discovered receipts. The Manufacturers’ Premium Co. Chicago, Ill. “PREMIUM SELLING and PREMIUM SERVICE” was one such company. From this receipt, we learned that C, Z & M Co. purchased 100 - Thurlow N. S. 26-pc. Sets and Leatherette cases at $248.00   - - Silver shipped from factory   Cases shipped from Chicago.      Building B Purchase OK.

This receipt was dated Aug. 9, 1911. Likely this silverware was planned as the premium gift during a sales promotion with a store somewhere in the U.S. Coppes, Zook & Mutschler Co. often gave premiums with the purchase of a Coppes Kitchenet. I wonder if this silver was an idea originating with the Coppes factory or from the sales store. I also wonder if the sale price of each cabinet was increased to compensate for the free gift.