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Bill’s History Corner.

Our blog is a place for history buffs and curious Internet surfers to lose themselves in the past and take an in-depth look at the history of Coppes Commons and Coppes Napanee. Join our historian Bill Warner as he discovers and discusses pieces of our Coppes Commons heritage.

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The Nappanee Telephone Company with Special Guest Historian

Bill Warner
August 28, 2020

Today’s blog post includes some great insight from local historian, Martha Owen, of the Nappanee Public Library’s Evelyn Lehman Culp Heritage Collection. Martha is the Collection Manager at the Nappanee Center, which is a phenomenal local history museum housed inside our city’s welcome center at 302 West Market Street in Nappanee.

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Getting to the Point with Bill

Bill Warner
August 20, 2020

Welcome to Bill’s History Corner at Coppes Commons. In this blog we discuss changes that the people in the company were witness to. Not only the growth of the company but small everyday fractures, the telephone, transportation, even the pencil sharpener, which brings me to the subject of this History Corner.

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Rolling Right Along with Historic Receipts

Bill Warner
August 13, 2020

Today, with Bill’s History Corner I want to discuss something vitally important to furniture builders. Big casters, heavy casters, lightweight casters – furniture in 1903 needed casters. That was the style back then. 

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Sheet Metal 1

Sheet Metal Receipts for Hoosier Cabinet Work Surfaces

Bill Warner
August 06, 2020

Today, I have on my History Detective Hat as I attempt to explain some more of the company receipts that we have uncovered. In this most recent box we have dug into, we have found 18 receipts from the National Sheet Metal Co. of Peru, Illinois. All the receipts are from 1909-1911.

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