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Our Latest Hoosier Acquisition and Rare Photo

Bill Warner
November 16, 2018
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I put in a lot of road miles this morning. I went to Chicago and came back with a prize. The prize is in the form of a Sellers Kitchen Cabinet. This cabinet was generously donated to the Coppes Commons Kitchen Cabinet Museum by Peter & Denise (Ogdon) Dellva, Glenview, IL. It is Denise’s Grandmother (Elizabeth Rose (McDonald) Ogdon) in the photo shown below as she is working at her Sellers Cabinet in 1943 (see calendar on wall).

Old Photo

 I know, I know, before I get a lot of flak along the lines of, we only made the Napanee line of kitchen cabinets in the Coppes Commons buildings, so they are more important. Let me explain how rare a picture like this is. It’s the only one like it that we have. I have seen a few, but they look staged for an advertising shot. A picture from 1943 showing the cabinet that we now have in the collection is great. Displaying the cabinet along with the photo will make a more interesting experience for any Museum visitor. We are, after all, a Kitchen Cabinet Museum, not just a Coppes-only Cabinet Museum! Here is a photo of the cabinet today.