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Coppes our history

Keeler Brass

Bill Warner
April 02, 2019
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Welcome to another of the Bill’s History Corner where we discuss interesting topics concerning the people and history of the different Coppes companies. I found this receipt in the paper storage of the Coppes Commons collection. I think looking at this receipt closely will give you a better understanding of the volume of business that the Coppes Bros. & Zook co., Or the Coppes, Zook & Mutschler Co. did.

This receipt is dated 3-31-09, so it is during the partnership between the Coppes Brothers, father, and son Dan and Harold Zook, and the Mutschler Brothers. In 1909 the company was operating a sawmill, a flour mill, wholesale & retail lumber sales and constructing many kinds of furniture as well as Kitchen cabinets. The Coppes Company was Nappanee’s largest employer.

The Keeler Brass Co. Manufactured brass furniture trimmings and all kinds of hardware for furniture. This order is for pulls (drawer pulls), knobs, catches and then more knobs.

The 1st line is an order for 480 Doz. # 1364 PULLS @ $13.00 per M (Thousand) for a total cost of $74.88

The 2nd line is an order for 600 Doz. # 1609 KNOBS @ $1.75 Gro. (gross = 144) for a total cost of $87.50

The 3rd line is an order for 200 Doz. #1489 Catch      @ .50 (per Doz.)                 for a total cost of $100.00   

The 4th line is an order for 200 Doz. #1606 Catch       @ .50 (per Doz.)                for a total cost of $100.00

The 5th line is an order for 240 Doz.  #1810 Knob      @ 41.20 gro.  (gross = 144) for a total cost of $24.00 

The 6th line is an order for 50 Doz.    #1805 Knob      @ $1.76 Gro. (gross = 144)    for a total cost of $7.29                                                                                                                                           2 % discount =     $7.87                                                                                                                                              Total cost + $385.80 

So, this one order to the Keeler Brass Co. is for 21,240 individual items, either knobs or drawer pulls or catches. That is a lot of drawer pulls or knobs. What we don’t know from this one receipt is how often they send an additional order for more hardware.