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A Peek Inside the 1952 House & Garden Book of Building

Bill Warner
February 20, 2020
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Hello, and welcome to another Bill’ History Corner. We recently acquired a 1952 issue of the House & Garden Book of Building. We mainly got this magazine because it had a Coppes Inc. advertisement in it.

What has been of great interest to us is the comparison between the Coppes advertisement and other kitchen cabinet companies in this magazine. This magazine is intended for people planning on building a new house and has 40 new house plans and sections on remolding and maintenance. It seems like a great place for a Coppes advertisement for kitchen cabinets.

I wonder what the advertising budget for Coppes Inc. was in 1952. From what we see in this magazine, that advertising budget was not very big. Here are some of the ads in this magazine. Decide for yourself if the advertising was the best they could have had.