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A New Kitchen in Seven Hours

Bill Warner
May 16, 2019
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Speedy Service

Hello everyone, thanks for looking at Bill’s History Corner. This is the place where I talk about and show vintage photos of the early Coppes factory. We welcome any and all comments. If you have something to add we want you to do just that.

Today we are looking at a two-page magazine advertisement explaining how homeowners can get a new kitchen in just 7 hours. All you needed to do was take your kitchen dimensions to a Coppes Kitchens Dealer and they would take care of everything. After you chose your style and color of cabinet, the dealers’ workmen would come and remove the old kitchen and install the new kitchen cabinets, all in less than 7 hours, or so the advertisement boasts.

A Blue Collar Kitchen

This is not the high-end kitchen cabinets that Coppes would become famous for but an economy style that was intended for people with not a lot of funds who wanted an updated kitchen. Notice that the sink was not changed. This would have saved a good amount of money on the newer kitchen. The name of this new style of Coppes kitchen is named “NAPPANEE PORTABLE UNITS”. This advertisement was aimed at homeowners and at kitchen dealers. Coppes told dealers that this was their biggest market for selling cabinets.

Changing with the Times

The first Coppes advertisement for a built-in sink cabinet was in 1937. While Coppes was still making the Kitchenet style of cabinet, they were at the same time transitioning into the built-in style cabinets. My guess is that this advertisement was produced around 1940. This was another example of the company seeing a need in the market and trying to develop a product to fill the need. Business 101.