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Quilt Gardens on the Heritage Trail


  • 1,000,000+ glorious blooms
  • 20 supersized quilt-patterned gardens
  • 21 handpainted quilt-inspired murals
  • 39 patterns – each a unique interpretation with its own special story
  • It’s the only experience of its kind in the world!
  • See it free May 30 – October 1 / 800.377.3579



Coming Soon! 2015 Dutch Double Wrench

Coppes became a household name in the early 1900s building furniture and more than two million of the kitchen cabinets known as “Hoosiers.” Coppes Commons’ quilt pattern is an original design adapted from a stencil pattern on a historical “Hoosier” cabinet that can be seen in their collection.

The Dutch Double Wrench is a simple design with just a few shapes. Included in this rendition are four sunny yellow Profusion zinnia triangles interpreted here as wrenches. This cheerful flower has the power to bloom all season. Silver Dust dusty miller and Hawaii Blue ageratum add softness to this design. Silver Dust is a sturdy little plant requiring very little care. Big bright bands of colorful borders have been “sewn” onto this quilt using eye popping Cocktail Vodka red begonia and cool blue ageratum to finish off this glorious garden.

Here you can see the Master Gardener Guidebook, that tells you about each 2015 Quilt Garden!


2014 Tools of the Trade

'Safari Red' and 'Safari Gold' marigolds have just the right tones for this garden - wearing the perfect brick red with just a hint of gold highlight. Both noted for earliness, the large flowers exhibit uniformity and superior performance required by the passionate Coppes Commons' gardeners. 'Silver Dust' dusty miller is an excellent choice for the saw blade in this design. This sturdy little plant is drought tolerant - requiring very little care the whole season. When thinking of tools, the color black comes to mind. 'Black Dragon' coleus has been used numerous times in Nappanee's quilt gardens. Here it is used to finish the border of this blooming tribute to the woodworking heritage of one of Time Magazine's "Best Small Towns." 




2013 Carpenter's Square

Aurora Red marigold has just the right tone for this garden - wearing the perfect brick red with just a hind of gold highlight. Aurora is the dwarf French anemone type that pairs well with the double crested Bonanza Orange. Both are noted for earliness, large flowers, uniformity, and superior performance under a wide range of growing conditions. Cocktail Whiskey, a bronze leaf white begonia rounds out the list of cultivars used to create this blooming tribute to Nappanee's woodworking heritage.

2013 Quilt Garden 


Carpenters-square graphic